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Watertown Firefighters Union Endorse Ruggiero, Hickey, and Olney for City Council

I.A.F.F. LOCAL 191 – Endorsement of City Council Candidates

With the upcoming elections the Citizens of Watertown have an opportunity to establish a new path forward for the City of Watertown. An initiative-taking, engaged, and transparent Council will be able to chart a course forward against an unchecked status quo that is repeatedly mired in controversy, complacency, and a regular lack of transparency.

Local 191 has been paying close attention to statements made by candidates during their campaigns.It is our sincere belief that a change of Council is overdue, and because of our desire for a positive change that can start to heal the fractured labor relations that exist across the city, the members ofLocal 191 have decided to make the following endorsements.

Local 191 has committed to endorse Councilwoman Lisa Ruggiero, Mr. Patrick Hickey, and Mr.Cliff Olney for City Council. These endorsements are due to the fact these candidates have been steadfast in their desire to repair labor relations, protect the 15-man minimum, and listen to fact based and scientific research regarding the fire service and protection.We wish Councilwoman Lisa Ruggiero, Mr. Patrick Hickey, and Mr. Cliff Olney the best of luck in the Election and look forward to a future council where their contribution and presence lead towards a better future for Watertown.

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